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Construction waste treatment crusher

Use of construction waste crusher to deal with the construction of waste can be based on the construction of the main components of waste selection Large jaw crusher may choose a new mobile crushing station, the new shopping malls of the construction waste crusher flexible and flexible features, can quickly and efficiently Deal with the construction of waste. Arrived at a look, saw the crusher in the busy work, belt in the transmission, demolition of the site of the bricks, concrete, broken tiles, etc. through the belt drive, all fed into its "stomach" (box). The box can look to install one or two tons of bricks, in fact, is massive, just do not stop the mechanical can never eat bricks and no waste, and those who refuse to build waste, whether it is bricks, Refused The construction waste crusher is a process of recycling the different crushing equipment, sieving equipment, and conveying equipment reasonably. With this crusher, you can give full play to its "small integrated recovery system," the use of the concept and skills, set screening, broken, iron, dust as a whole, for the city to build construction waste harmless, Reduction and capitalization to lay a solid foundation.


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