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Dolomite ultrafine mill

With the development of the national economy in various fields, people pay more and more attention to the deep processing of dolomite, so that not only the use of dolomite more widely, and can get greater economic benefits. Shanghai SBM production of ultrafine mill professional application in the production process of dolomite powder. I developed the ultra-fine milling machine's biggest performance advantage is "fine" and its fineness of the highest fineness of the head, and the fineness can be automatically adjusted between 250-3000 mesh, such a fine grinding Far more than the majority of mine to meet the needs of milling enterprises. Dolomite after ultra-fine milling machine processing, the market more widely used, and many high-quality dolomite resources in the region have encouraged local enterprises to invest in dolomite mining and processing industries. I developed the ultra-fine milling machine compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable design, closed, pollution-free, low noise, high-grade products, saving time and energy, easy operation, is the best equipment for processing dolomite powder, At present, the domestic milling industry to upgrade the most ideal equipment.


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