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How should the ultrafine mill be solved when the low speed operation is unstable?

Idle speed does not accept stability refers to the Ore Milling Equipment in idle operation suddenly flickering, but the courtesy is not strong, and shiver, and ultra-fine grinding mill in the rapid deceleration, shift or load with easy to turn off, this scene Governor shortcomings caused by the shortcomings. There are several reasons for the attack. (1) grinding mill grinding Idle, the roller opening degree of the smallest, the spring slip sleeve due to the small roller wheel wear and excessive exposure to the roller, and the roller body of the rudder of the direct collision, composed of idling is not the same. At this point, touch the handle with the handle rod, there will be a sense of impact was slender (2) Idle spring elasticity deteriorated or adjusted owed Ultra-fine grinding mill ultra-fine grinding mill operation, the load will increase the speed of the increase. If the idle spring or start the spring becomes soft, the fuel rack can not be agile to the oil tendency to move to improve the speed, serious will be composed of ultra-fine vertical mill (3) Steady spring adjustment owe In the idle operation, because the roller centrifugal force is small, the control of the speed is also small. Assuming that the ultra-fine grinding mill suddenly decelerates, the feeding rod of the feed rod can move across the idle position, so that the ultra-fine grinding mill. In order to avoid this situation, in the governor cover behind the fuel supply gear for the idle position of the speed of the spring; if the spring is too soft or the whole will weaken or can not afford the consequences of speed, so that idling operation does not change The


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