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SBM Raymond Mill for tailings treatment

Tailings are now very common stuff, and there is a lot of storage. General tailings are containing a lot of other substances, after treatment can be re-use, get a better use of the effect. Tailings can not be a good deal to deal with the waste of resources, and will cause environmental pollution, tailings if it can be handled very well on the lightly, take the simplest to say that in the aluminum after refining, there are a lot of aluminum slag It is directly lost, and the value of the use, and this is not the correct approach, and the use of aluminum slag separator, you can better use up. Copper mine treatment, you can use the Raymond Mill will be processed after the copper mine, or the use of lower value of the copper mine, through the Raymond Mill to be processed into powder, the re-use, to further refine the purity Higher copper powder. Not only these, and other ore tailings treatment, are can be used Raymond Mill to process, some ore mixed with a certain amount of impurities or stone. Under normal circumstances, the weight of impurities is lower than the ore, then this way through the role of Raymond Mill fan, will be able to process the impurities after the separation of impurities, it is also a very good processing effect. In the re-use of tailings, re-processing in the Raymond Mill is a very good processing equipment, Raymond Mill for tailings treatment, improve resource utilization, benefit the country.


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