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Gold ore crusher structure and characteristics

Gold ore crusher is mainly used for crushing medium and hard materials. Its main features are: the crushing chamber is tilted with different inclination of the space, the formation of crushing and crushing two crushing chamber, the use of butterfly spring overload protection, high speed. Gold ore crusher compared with other crushers, with low cost, high work efficiency and so on. gold ore crusher is generally selected material is high wear-resistant manganese steel liner, because the jaw wear liner on the requirements are very high. Jaw break work, it's crushing cavity inside the two jaws, a jaw jaw is fixed, we are called fixed jaw, it is slightly tilted to the outside, Fixed in the front wall of the crusher cavity, and the other jaw is back and forth activities we call it moving jaw, also called the mandibular tongue, tilt position, just with the fixed jaw to form a trapezoid big small crushing cavity. What we are talking about is basically this structure, because it is the working area consisting of moving jaws and fixed jaws, which are mainly exposed to the material to be crushed so that their wear resistance is very demanding. The development of mineral resources can not be separated from the mining machinery and equipment, such as gold ore crusher absolutely inseparable. As the first production operation of the ore crushing line, it will begin with a simple primary crushing operation of the stone crushed from the mine, making it easier to handle as it enters the next process.


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