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Ultrafine grinding machine working efficiency testing

In the use of mine resources, with the exception of a small number of minerals can not be processed with commonly used equipment, 85% of the ore resources are available through the ultrafine mill processing, with its physical state of the powder attitude to attack the market, And achieve their own proprietary performance. Therefore, the production efficiency of grinding operations is the focus of production manufacturers, then, how to detect ultrafine grinding machine is "lazy"? First, the detection rate of operation, that ultra-fine grinding machine working hours than: It refers to the actual working hours of the device as a percentage of one-month or one-year hours. Superfine mill operating rate reflects its technical status, its level reflects the level of staff management. It is also possible to expose and analyze the reasons that affect the abnormal work of milling operations and take effective improvement measures. Increasing the operating rate of ultrafine mill equipment also increases the mill's production capacity. Second, production capacity: Ultrafine mill production capacity, including production capacity, utilization factor, the specific particle size utilization factor. Only when the equipment model, specifications, ore properties, ore particle size and product size and the provisions of the same, ultrafine mill production capacity can be more concise review of the work. Utilization factor can only give ore size, product size are similar conditions, in order to more truly reflect the nature of the ore and milling of various conditions. Specific particle size utilization factor can more accurately reflect the work, you can compare different specifications, different ore size and product granularity under the production capacity. Third, the fineness and efficiency of milling: Finished fineness is ultra-fine grinding machine production, daily inspection of another quality indicators. The fineness of the mill is usually screened with a "standard sieve" mesh sieve and expressed as a percentage of the total amount of the product passing through the sieve (ie, the pass sieve rate). The higher the sieving rate, the finer the product, The more output. Unit power productivity can more accurately reflect the work of the ultrafine mill from the energy consumption point of view, therefore, can be associated with energy consumption and productivity evaluation of equipment.


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