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Construction waste crusher

Construction waste refers to construction units, construction units in the construction, reconstruction, expansion and demolition of various types of buildings, structures, pipe network, as well as residents during the process of decoration of the building of spoils, spoil and other waste generated. According to statistics, the existing amount of construction waste in our country has exceeded 2 billion tons and it is estimated that it will reach 5 billion tons by 2020. The government has successively issued relevant policies to support the construction of refuse-resourced enterprises. Now there is more PPP mode for government-industry cooperation for enterprises to choose. It not only gives support in policy, subsidizes in the economy, but also provides preferential policies in terms of capital, taxes, markets and technical services. Click: The latest urban construction waste state subsidy policy summary view details. Construction waste crusher process Recycled aggregate processed by construction waste such as crushing, screening, iron removal and light material separation into green building materials products such as permeable brick, recycled mortar, PC prefabricated components, road water stable layer, dry mortar and RDF clean burning stick , So as to turn construction waste into treasure, and finally achieve the ecological benefits, social benefits, economic benefits and other multi-win-win goals. Click: Recycling of construction waste applications and related standards View details. Mobile Construction waste crusher complete sets of equipment Mobile Construction waste crusher equipment including TAF crawler mobile crushing plant, TAS crawler mobile screening station, WAF mobile tire crushing plant, WAS mobile tire screening plant, TLF tracked light material joint car, TBY crawler belt Environmental protection and dust suppression vehicles and other equipment components. In the process of recycling construction rubbish, these equipments perform their duties and work together to complete the processes of crushing, sieving, light material handling and dust suppression of construction rubbish to produce different types of Finished aggregate.


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