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The importance of machine sand equipment parts

With the surge in demand for sand, natural sand has been unable to meet people's production needs, therefore, a large number of machine-made sand became everyone's first choice, which can not do without the credit of machine-made sand equipment, sand making machine by crushing rock, river pebbles , Pebbles, perlite and some other materials to become sand. Due to the harsh working environment of the sand machine, it is inevitable that the equipment will cause the loss during long time work. Therefore, the wearing parts need to be replaced. In the purchase of the accessories, there is still a need to pay attention to that only the high quality parts can play The potential of the device itself. In the purchase of machine sand equipment parts need to pay attention to the following two items: 1, the original. In the purchase of machine sand equipment at the same time, as far as possible from the manufacturer to configure the wearing parts, after all, the original accessories, whether material or quality, specifications and so on are matched with the mechanism of sand equipment, while the original will have more Professional after-sales service system. 2, the price comparison. Some manufacturers are fancy consumers seek cheap psychology, and the use of defective accessories to act as qualified mechanism sand equipment parts sold to consumers, but in the actual application of the loss, so we need to choose when the need to rub Bright eyes, when you see the relatively cheap parts, you need a comprehensive comparison to see whether the surface rust, mildew, aging and so on, or its size and other norms.


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