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Five major features of the construction waste grinder increase your economic benefits

In recent years, as China's infrastructure construction continues to increase, the city's "metabolism" is also accelerating. A large number of old buildings were dismantled, giving way to more magnificent and more beautiful buildings, accompanied by construction waste, which virtually became "metabolites" that hindered urban development. We SBM is a manufacturer specializing in crushers, of which our construction rubbish crushers have been selling well on the market. And we produce construction waste crusher can make construction waste waste. The benefits of our construction waste shredders can also greatly improve your economics. 1, double rotor up and down two smashing each other in series with two sets of rotors, the superior rotor crushing material production that is rapidly rotating lower rotor hammer crushing again, the rapid collision of lumen material with each other, smash each other, to hammer Powder, powder material effect, direct discharge. 2, no mesh grate at the end, high-humidity materials, will not clog the traditional grinder with grate sieve, does not meet the moisture content higher than 8% of raw materials, when the raw material moisture content is higher than 10%, prone to occur Serious clogging, the hammer can not rotate, the material can not be discharged, and even burn the motor, seriously affecting the production. The machine is designed without mesh grate at the bottom of the material moisture content is not strictly required, there is no paste blocking sieve problem, but there is no fine powder can not be discharged in time, the problem of repeated crushing, so crushing efficiency, there is no hammer Invalid wear phenomenon. 3, wear-resistant combination of high alloy wear hammer. Hammer handle combination, only change the hammer, do not change the hammer handle. 4, a unique shift gap technology gap hammer repair without repair, repeated use of mobile location, a pair of hammer head can be used top three hammer. 5, hydraulic manual start the case only one person can easily open and close, not only lightweight and fast and safe, easy to maintain. Full of reputation and credibility, not only is the appreciation of its achievements, but also the industry and social recognition, and encourage enterprises to further optimize the technology, production quality is more excellent, more effective, more advanced technology equipment constantly Work hard. We uphold one of the best to build technology as a motivation to obtain the majority of the quality of intelligent development, improve the most intensive investment dream of speeding up in the brilliant start of a brilliant energy as a very real progress, high-tech market, we made some sales in the vast progress. I believe, if you have such a good equipment, the future must be colorful, then, in order to be beautiful, come to our SBM, we are always welcome to come.


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