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Construction waste crusher gives fresh air to society

The appointment of a new chairman this year begins with saving. No matter in any respect, we have begun to pay attention to everything from inspection to regulation of the environment and the quality of life so that everyone can lead a stable life. With stable income, Mine Machinery is the best construction waste crusher for these projects. In the expansion of construction projects, the SBM Heavy-Duty waste Disintegrator fully protects the environment from all aspects. Everything in the world is so important to our life. From all aspects of business investment, mine machinery and equipment are the most beneficial helpers for social transformation. From the highway to the gravel plant to the development of agriculture, there are mining machinery Dedication in paying, and is a good perfection of a wide range of resource changes, but also to the community a fresh air. SBM Machinery Factory production of building waste shredders has the following characteristics: First, the double rotor smashed up and down The two sets of rotors in series with each other make the crushed material produced by the upper rotor crushed again by the hammer of the lower rotor which is rapidly rotating. The inner materials collide rapidly with each other and smash each other to achieve the effect of hammer powder and powder material , Unloaded directly. Second, the hydraulic starter casing Hydraulic hoist device, only one person can easily hoist case, not only lightweight and fast and safe, easy to maintain. The machine is designed without mesh grate at the bottom of the material moisture content is not strictly required, there is no paste blocking sieve problem, but there is no fine powder can not be discharged in time, the problem of repeated crushing, so crushing efficiency, there is no hammer Invalid wear phenomenon. Third, there is no mesh grate at the end, high-humidity materials, not blocked The traditional grinder with grate plate does not adapt to raw materials with moisture content higher than 8%. When the raw material moisture content is higher than 10%, it is extremely easy to cause serious blockage, the hammer can not be rotated, the material can not be discharged, or even burn Bad motor, seriously affecting the production. Fourth, a unique two-way gap technology After the hammerhead wear and liner between the larger gap becomes coarse, can be moved out of the center of the hammer position reduction and the gap between the liner to continue to use. You can also adjust the gap from the outside to the liner to control the particle size. A hammer can be used top three hammer. The pollution of construction waste in life is very harmful to our health, so SBM Heavy Industries has designed a variety of Construction waste crushers. With the development of urban construction, more and more buildings to be demolished, followed by a large amount of construction waste, how to deal with construction waste has become a piece of municipal construction in front of a problem. Renewable resources in construction waste, including mainly muck, waste brick, waste concrete, waste wood, scrap steel, scrap metal components. Construction waste crusher equipment can turn these things into waste.


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