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Conventional sand making sand defects what?

With the large-scale railway construction, highway construction, water conservancy projects such as the continuous development of construction and other industries the rapid development. Demand for gravel aggregates is on the rise. Increasingly scarce natural sand resources, far from meeting market demand. Many areas limit the exploitation and prohibit the exploitation of natural sand. Mechanism of sand, artificial sand gradually become the market's main source of gravel aggregate. Artificial sand making machine technology is increasingly mature today, the sand making machine equipment used to produce sand is very convenient. However, artificial sand making equipment there are some shortcomings. Artificial sand process complex, large investment, longer construction period. However, the quality of stable and controllable, high production intensity, free from external constraints. With the constant renewal of sand making equipment design, the mechanism of sand technology is also more advanced intelligent automation. Artificial sand production process will be more simple and stable and high yield. Conventional sand making equipment defects: At present, the domestic artificial sand as the sand making equipment by the feed particle size constraints, sand material only after multi-level crushing (usually three to four) was obtained. Ultrafine crusher cone crusher high cost of investment, low output, high hardness of rock making sand lower efficiency and difficult to adapt to large-scale artificial gravel system. Rod mill sand machine high operating costs, labor-intensive. Vertical shaft impact sand crusher than the large, fine sand finished product, impact sand processing hard pebbles, granite, basalt, andesite, quartz stone good effect, is currently one of the most widely used mechanism of sand equipment, but Vertical shaft impact sand making equipment or have their deficiencies. Its ability to produce sand between 30% -45%, the fineness modulus of about 3.0. Whether its content with the nature of raw materials and raw material moisture content of the number of volatile, difficult to control. PCL Impact Sand Molding Machine also made Barmack sand making machine, its processing capacity is 352t / h, sand forming rate is 32.3%, namely 113.7t / h, fine sand modulus is 3.10, the content is 8.93%.


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