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Kinematics Analysis of Compound Pendulum Gold Ore Crusher

The main purpose of the kinematic analysis of the compound pendulum gold ore crusher is to find out the displacement, velocity and acceleration of each component in the equipment, especially the displacement, velocity and acceleration of a given point on the moving jaw. Finally, the law of the spatial movement of the movable jaw . Studying and familiarizing with the moving law of the moving jaw can predict the optimal motion state of the crusher, make a reasonable operation system of the equipment, correctly analyze and solve the equipment failure, and at the same time, calculate the inertia of the movable jaw center for crusher dynamics Analysis laid the foundation. In order to understand the working state of the gold ore crusher more clearly, we need to conduct a comprehensive analysis on the displacement, velocity, acceleration, angle, angular velocity and angular acceleration of the main mechanism of the compound rock gold ore crusher. In this process, firstly To crusher kinematic analysis. For the gold ore crusher planar four-bar mechanism to solve a variety of ways, of which the highest precision analytical method, so we often use analytic method in the research process for analysis. In the actual production work, the crushing equipment expert usually selects a researching point or the line analyzes the working condition of the crushing equipment in a targeted manner, in order to obtain the required parameters in order to improve the working of the crusher equipment Efficiency and skills. In general, we will use the center of gravity of the moving jaw in the process of experimental analysis to conduct the key analysis in order to infer the working status of other components.


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