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SBM mobile construction waste crusher

The sudden emergence of construction rubbish has opened the prelude to the city's "tough battle". Its brutal growth has quickly taken over the streets, river banks, and even the highways of the city. The arrival of construction waste has made the urban atmosphere increasingly tense. How can we solve the current problem of construction waste crusher? Under the guidance of the concept of environmental protection, the resource utilization of construction waste is undoubtedly a better way out for the further development of the city. The popularization of the idea that “garbage is just a misplaced resource” has enabled more small and medium-sized investors to join the recycling industry. Construction waste such as bricks, stones, and concrete is no longer a disgusting waste, but has undergone a series of shattering. , Screening, impurity removal, brick making and other technological processes, it has more to achieve the transformation of recycled aggregate, new wall materials, fire-free green bricks and other green building materials, has become the development of circular economy in the "main force." In this “magical magic” that turns waste into treasure, the construction waste crushing station developed by SBM Machinery is particularly respected by customers. Its appearance has changed the technical problems of the rebar winding rotor before, so as to achieve efficient and environmentally-friendly construction waste disposal operation. Not only that the blessing of the core crushing technology has allowed SBM to successfully develop a new type of mobile crushing equipment after obtaining national patent approval. Since the success of mobile construction waste disposal equipment, SBM Machinery has successively helped Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Guizhou, Hebei, Jilin, and other cities to establish daily consumption of 1,500 tons of subsidy pilots, helping customers to tap into the larger urban deposits Economic value comes.


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