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Construction waste treatment process

  1. Construction waste crushing station 2. Batching machine 3. Cement silo 4. Screw conveyor 5. Cement scale 6. Mixer 7. Conveyor belt
  2. Plate feeder 9, liquid pump station 10, block forming machine 11, computer control cabinet 12, brick sending machine 13, grinding tool 15, automatic brick machine 16, transfer forklift 17, construction waste crusher aggregate 18, building Garbage generated brick Feeding: Raw materials are sent directly to the silo by the loader, and the silo enters the GZT1038 vibrating feeder. The feeder feeds the material evenly into the YPS-60 construction waste crusher. Crushing: The materials after crushing by the YPS crusher are sent to the 3YA1860 high efficiency circular vibrating screen by the belt conveyor through the iron remover; Screening: The broken material is divided into 3 kinds of materials by 3YA1860 high-efficiency vibrating sieve: 0-10mm of material from the belt conveyor to the finished material yard. Wood and other debris are transported to the scrap yard via belt conveyors. The large material is returned to the YPS-60 garbage crusher via the belt conveyor and broken again. Brick making process: recycled aggregates that have been broken and sieved through the construction waste crushing plant are sent to the batching machine through a bulldozer and sent to the mixer through the cement scale. The cement in the cement warehouse is also sent to the mixer through the batching machine and the conveyor belt. The recycled aggregate and cement in the mixer are sent to the feeder through the conveyor belt, and then passed through the block forming machine, the brick feeding machine, the grinding tool and the automatic brick machine to form a variety of bricks.


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