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Sand generator motor damage is what reason? How to prevent?

In the industrial production, the sand making machine is a common device, so how much do you know about the knowledge of the Sand making machine? Now in the summer, many users report that the motor of the summer sand making machine is very easy to be damaged. This is a headache. Of course, due to the hot summer weather, the internal temperature of the equipment is high, and the sand generator's motor is easily burned. This will cause the entire production line to stop working and cause a series of losses to the company. The main reasons for sandblasting machine motor burnout are the following: 1. Motor heating tube burnout. 2. The motor heating tube burns out. 3. Sand generator equipment motor fan reversed. Reasonable prevention and correct operation of the sand making machine is the key to prevent motor overheating motor from being burned out. With regard to the motor of the sand making machine, we should focus on prevention: First, we must have a strict control over the temperature of the sand generator motor during the production process. When the sand making equipment is running, it is necessary to check the temperature of the motor frequently. The temperature of the motor cannot exceed the preset range. If the temperature of the motor of the sand making equipment is too high in the actual operation, this will greatly reduce the working efficiency of the equipment and affect the drying. Effect and finished product quality. Second, according to the weather, it is necessary to adjust the operation time of the sand machine equipment properly. Some producers of sand and gravel make the sand making machine continuously perform production in order to increase the production volume. Because the weather drying equipment can last a long time for continuous operation, it may cause click burnout. Once the sand making equipment's motor is burned out, it cannot be recovered. The collapse of the entire sand making production line, if we have spare shops, can be immediately put into production. Motors are crucial to the sand making machine. To prevent the motor from being burned out, we must do preventive work in the daily production process. The first is the purchase of qualified motor products, as well as the emphasis on its maintenance in the usual, clean lubrication work must be done, so that the service life of the motor will be extended, sand production capacity has greatly improved. SBM focuses its trade unions on providing customers with suitable motors and conducting professional maintenance and maintenance instructions.


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