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Raymond Mill Dolomite Manufacturing Magnesium Oxide Lightweight Calcium Carbonate Technology

The dolomite is calcined under a certain temperature condition, and after professional raymond mill equipment, the industrial magnesium oxide is obtained through digestion, impurity removal, kiln gas purification and compression, carbonization, filtration, pyrolysis, separation, drying, calcining and grading packaging. High-purity magnesium oxide, active magnesium oxide and other magnesium oxide products. The waste residue from the filtration process is magnesium-containing calcium carbonate. After further treatment, ultra-fine calcium carbonate products can be prepared. The intermediate product produced during the production process is basic magnesium carbonate, which can be obtained through drying, crushing and packaging to obtain light magnesium carbonate products. The processing and processing of magnesium oxide with red star machine milling machine is mainly used for manufacturing ceramics, enamels, refractory materials, etc.; as filler in the manufacture of polishing agents, adhesives, and paints; in man-made fibers, rubber (neoprene rubber, fluorine rubber) ) as promoters and catalysts; also widely used in medicine, food, etc.; in the building materials industry, magnesium oxide can produce special cement containing magnesium and insulation board; used in the chemical industry for the manufacture of metal magnesium and magnesium chemicals; In the field of environmental protection for water treatment and flue gas desulfurization; In addition, it is also widely used in glass, dyes, cables, metallurgy, electronics, electrical, insulation materials, petroleum additives, casting, phenolic plastics and other industries. Magnesium carbonate can be used as a good filler and reinforcing agent for rubber products. Can also be used for thermal insulation, high temperature fire insulation materials. Lightweight magnesium carbonate is an excellent insulating material used in shipbuilding and boiler manufacturing departments. In addition, it is also widely used in high-grade glass products, magnesium salts, paints, paints, fireproof materials, printing inks, ceramics, cosmetics, toothpastes and other daily chemicals and medicines, foods and other fields.


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