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Sand making machine by what factors?

With the increase of the demand for artificial gravel, the market sales of Sand making machine are getting higher and higher. However, many users recently reported that the sand production capacity of their sand making machines is low and cannot meet the requirements of users. Shanghai SBM conducted research and summarization on the sand-making machines with relatively high sales volume on the market and believed that the sand production volume will be affected by many factors. Next, we will analyze the influencing factors of the sand production capacity of the sand making machine: 1. Crushing materials The application scope of the sand making machine is relatively wide. For different processing materials, the hardness, viscosity, and humidity are different, which will also lead to different sand production capacity of the sand making machine. (1) Material Hardness The harder the material, the more difficult it is to process, and the equipment wear is also more severe, resulting in slower sand production and lower sand production. Conversely, the lower the material hardness, the more sand production. many. (2) Material viscosity The material with relatively high viscosity is easily adhered to the inner wall of the sand making machine during processing. If it is not cleaned in time, the production and efficiency of the sand making machine will be seriously affected, and the amount of sand produced will be affected. (3) moisture content If the moisture content of the processed material is relatively large, stickiness will also easily occur, which will cause plugging problems for a long time, which will make the sand making ability of the sand making machine lower and the sand production less. 2, sand making machine model There are many models of sand making machines on the market. Different types of sand making equipment have different sand production, energy consumption, efficiency and dust amount. Different models have different application ranges. Therefore, the user is not allowed to purchase blindly when choosing a sand making machine, and it is necessary to select an appropriate model according to the characteristics of the processed material. 3, sand making machine itself quality The quality of the sand making machine itself is one of the most critical factors affecting the sand production. A high-quality sand making machine not only saves energy, has better environmental protection, but also easily achieves the user's expected sand production. In addition, the sand making machines produced by professional manufacturers are more reliable in quality, have better wear resistance, and have a longer life span. They can meet user requirements in terms of productivity, efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. 4, operation and maintenance The operation and maintenance of the sand making machine will also affect the sand production of the equipment to some extent. Even a good sand making machine equipment, if not handled properly and without regular maintenance, will cause damage to the equipment components, reduce the service life, and reduce the production volume. Therefore, regular maintenance can not only increase the sand production capacity of the sand making machine, but also extend the service life of the equipment.


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