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Shanghai Construction Waste Treatment Equipment | Construction Waste Treatment Equipment Applications

Construction waste treatment equipment Shanghai's construction waste crusher is to sort, remove or smash most of the waste in construction waste, and most of it can be reused as a renewable resource, such as scrap steel, scrap iron wire, scrap wire and various scrap metal fittings, etc. After sorting, concentration, and re-melting, steels of various specifications can be processed and manufactured; waste bamboo can be used to manufacture artificial wood; bricks, stones, concrete and other wastes can be replaced by sand and used for building bricks. Building mortar, plastering mortar, playing concrete cushion, etc., can also be used to make building materials such as blocks, paving bricks, and lattice tiles. Therefore, we must insist on comprehensive utilization of construction waste. Application status Compared to the situation that China's construction wastes are not properly handled, foreign construction's garbage disposal has already matured as early as the late 1920s. As we all know, Japan is not only an earthquake-prone area, but it is also a relatively resource-poor area. Therefore, Japan is also very careful about the use of garbage. Japan regards construction waste as a kind of renewable wealth, especially for the use of construction waste. The construction waste crusher reduces the space occupied by construction waste generated due to earthquakes due to improper handling, and, in the construction of this construction waste, the concept of recycling is used to build construction waste that will be generated in the earthquake. Recycling and reuse reduce the formation of waste and also increase the utilization of energy. This method continues until now. In addition, on the current recycling of construction waste, construction waste has been basically digested and reused on site, and such a utilization method is extremely economical. Not only in Japan, but also in many countries abroad, the mobile garbage crusher is basically used to clean up and recycle construction waste, so that the country’s energy efficiency can be improved and the society’s environmental protection is healthier.


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